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HOA Builder-Developer Services

Our San Diego HOA builder-developer services begin at the early stage of the builder/developer process. As HOA managers, we work on an as-needed basis and by keeping association fees down. We have successfully dealt with virtually all issues that present themselves during the initial stages of a transition from the developer to the homeowners. We understand what the developers are looking for and what is expected from an HOA management company in San Diego. Our goal is to make your job easy and to assure the new homeowners in the community receive the same high-quality customer experience from our company that they received from yours.

As your community management partner, we can leverage our vast association management experience to reduce costs and eliminate potential issues that can occur post-occupancy. As homeowners begin to buy, we’ll provide signature developer services that will streamline your operations and help to sell homes.

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Our Refinance & Resale Service Offerings

From operational audits and community maintenance planning to organizing a Board of Directors and enforcing community association policies, we pay close attention to every issue to ensure a smooth transition for you and your homeowners.

Larger projects usually have a longer period before all the units are sold and typically the builder or developer is involved in the management until the majority of the units are sold. Our Management Alternative program would be beneficial in earlier stages and as the need for management arises, an on-site manager, an independent manager or management company can be brought in at the appropriate time.

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APS maximizes efficiency and reduces overall Community Management costs.

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