HOA Refinance & Resale Processing

Associated Professional Services offers comprehensive HOA Refinance & Resale Processing Services in San Diego, CA. All of these services are flexible and can be customized to accommodate the needs of each association.

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What is HOA Refinance & Resale Processing?

Associated Professional Services in San Diego will handle the paperwork required by lenders and escrow companies for a change of ownership. With the help of an independent online service, Associated Professional Services ensures that the association provides all required information necessary for refinances or sales of units within the association.

Upon the close of escrow, an introductory letter will be sent to the new buyer along with payment instructions.

Why Choose APS For Your HOA Refinance & Resale Processing?

Our San Diego administrative team is dedicated to bringing the latest tools and practices to the community association industry and affiliated professionals.

We have partnered with the industry’s leading community association escrow, closing, and document service company, www.homewisedocs.com, to offer a streamlined process for the order and delivery of community association resale and lender documents.

Our Refinance & Resale Processing Services

A professional HOA management firm will typically cover a wide variety of services related to refinance and resale, including – but not limited to:

  • Resale and refinance documents preparation
  • Document delivery
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Why Hire an HOA Management Firm Like APS?

When you work with a firm like Associated Professional Services, we can help the Board in all aspects of refinance and resale processing. Plus:

You’ll save time and money.

Your board will still maintain complete control, but won’t have to deal with the day-to-day operations – and the stress that comes with it. The goal of a management business is not to take power away from you, but to return it to you.

When you choose a condo management company to help with Refinance & Resale Processing, you can be assured that your community will be handled by a team of professionals who will ensure that all of the moving pieces are functioning smoothly.

You’ll have help with legal compliance.

At APS, we are passionate about assisting San Diego communities in achieving their full potential. Our boutique HOA management services are designed for tiny communities that would otherwise be overlooked by a larger management firm.

In fact, we enjoy getting to know each and every one of our customers so that we can better serve them!

They’re experienced professionals.

A condo association management company is responsible for more than just your neighborhood, which means they’ve seen (and dealt with) every scenario imaginable.

They can help you achieve your objectives while still keeping up with day-to-day operations, and your inhabitants won’t notice a thing.

If you’re currently self-managing your community and feel it might be time to turn to a professional HOA manager for help with Refinance & Resale Processing, Associated Professional Services can help.

Contact us to request a proposal.

APS maximizes efficiency and reduces overall HOA management costs.

To find out if our 100% customizable services are right for you, request a proposal or contact us to schedule a consultation.