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General Information

Employee Directory
APS Phone Number: 619-299-6899

Neal Chazin (CEO): [email protected], Ext 101
Anthony Castronovo (VP): [email protected], Ext. 166
Jeanette Brown (GM): [email protected], Ext. 103

Accounts Payable
Brenda Covarrubias: [email protected], Ext. 113
Shaunna Allen: [email protected], Ext. 173
Vanessa Coles: [email protected], Ext. 104
Hector Barriga: [email protected], Ext. 114
Melissa Medina: [email protected], Ext. 122

Katherine Mills: [email protected], Ext. 179
Therese McLaughlin: [email protected], Ext. 107
Christina Vargas: [email protected], Ext. 175
Michelle McGarry: [email protected], Ext. 121
Shay Wickline: [email protected], Ext. 110
Aubree Bundy: [email protected], Ext. 106

Financials Services
Niki Howry: [email protected], Ext. 108
Patricia Morris: [email protected], Ext. 118
Sylvia Schell: [email protected], Ext. 127
Heather Murphy: [email protected], Ext. 119
Desiree Eselin: [email protected], Ext. 128

Community Management
Michelle Tabron: [email protected], Ext. 126
Claire Hosking: [email protected], Ext. 112
Mitch Powers: [email protected], Ext. 137

Accounts Receivable
Patricia Morris: [email protected],Ext. 118
Morgan Delcasale: [email protected], Ext. 178
Martha Revollar: [email protected], Ext. 133
Yessenia Osuna: [email protected], Ext. 105
Hector Perez: [email protected], Ext. 170

Allison Eis: [email protected], Ext. 154
Niki Howry: [email protected], Ext. 108

Geraldine Bautista: [email protected], Ext. 131

Charity Tabron: [email protected] Reception, Ext. 100
Cinthya Taboada: [email protected], Ext. 124

Marketing/Client Relations
Laura Bowman: [email protected], Ext. 189

Zina Zilberman: [email protected], Ext. 134

Financial Reporting
Enrique Vera: [email protected], Ext, 111

Lost Accounts
Charlene Dones: [email protected], Ext. 125