HOA Property
Management Services

Associated Professional Services offers HOA Property Management Services in San Diego, CA. All of these services are flexible and can be customized to accommodate the needs of each association.

What Does an HOA Property Manager Do?

A property manager for a homeowner association, or HOA is in charge of a number of activities linked to the care and maintenance of a residential community.

Essentially, an HOA property manager assists the Board of Directors and association in most aspects of its operation, and their main duties include:

  • Oversee all maintenance of common areas
  • Arrange and oversee landscaping services
  • Ensure adequate trash removal
  • Ensure fire safety compliance
  • Schedule repairs
  • Schedule, attend, and take minutes of association meetings
  • Maintain all financial records and bookkeeping
  • Enforce community rules
  • Help settle disputes
  • Homeowner liaison
In addition – and perhaps most importantly – an HOA Property manager is in charge of the financial aspects of the association, including collecting association fees from residents and paying expenses like insurance, wages, and invoicing from service contractors.

HOA managers work closely with a board of directors or board made up of residents of the association. These board members assist in the facilitation of community meetings, keep residents informed of rule and regulation changes, and act as unofficial internal representatives of the management business. Annual elections to elect new board members will be coordinated by the manager.

HOA Property Management Company Services

An experienced HOA property management company will offer a variety of services designed to help the Board and homeowners with day-to-day activities.

Meetings and Management Services

An HOA Property Manager assists the Board in setting regular meetings, which include scheduling, notice/agenda distribution, meeting attendance, and minute recordation. A Board packet is also prepared for the meetings, so the Board has access to all pertinent information.

Homeowner Correspondence

When owners contact the office, the HOA Property Manager ensures there is a prompt reply for assistance. Trust in Management is built through the continued ability to be in contact with the representative who can best assist with the owner’s needs.

Bids and Proposals

An HOA Property Manager obtains proposals for work per onsite inspections and recommendations or the Board’s expressed direction. These proposals are only obtained from qualified professionals who can provide expert services.


Should there be a need for mailings to homeowners, an HOA Property Manager assists by preparing letters, notices, newsletters, and/or duplicating, folding, stuffing envelopes, and mailing the correspondence.


An HOA Property Manager assists Boards with resolving existing or potential problems and has access to professionals and specialists in related fields (including attorneys and other vendors).

On-Site Inspections

An HOA Property Manager completes regular inspections of the property to ensure that maintenance items are addressed with the proper contractors and enforcement of the governing documents is continued (per the Board’s expressed direction).

Rules and Violation Enforcement

The HOA Property Manager will team up with the Board to handle rules and regulations enforcement. This may include the formulation of a fine policy as well as the adoption of enforcement procedures and mailing of warning letters, violation notices, and/or fine notices. Management will track and monitor any violations of association rules and architectural guidelines.

Why Hire an HOA Property Management Firm?

APS has been dedicated to providing exceptional services to the common interest developments industry for more than 40 years, providing both HOA Management and HOA Accounting and Bookkeeping Services.

We take pride in providing the tools and support that the Board of Directors requires to properly administer their communities.

At APS, we work with the highest level of management, legal, and maintenance professionals on a daily basis to ensure that each San Diego homeowner lives in a safe, clean, and enjoyable community. Our knowledgeable management team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

APS maximizes efficiency and reduces overall HOA management costs.

To find out if our 100% customizable services are right for you, request a proposal or contact us to schedule a consultation.