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Full-Service Community Management

Our San Diego Community Management Division provides full-service management for Community Associations through industry trained experienced certified managers. Our goal is to establish a working relationship with the Board to ensure that the Communities we represent are able to thrive. Administratively, the following items are included with all Management Relationships.


Management assists the Board in setting regular meetings; which include assisting with scheduling, notice/agenda distribution, meeting attendance, and minute recordation. A Board packet is also prepared for the meetings, so the Board has access to all appurtenant information during the meeting, including a detailed management report.

Homeowner Correspondence

When owners contact the office, Management ensures that there is a prompt reply for assistance. Trust in Management is built through the continued ability to be in contact with the representative who can best assist with the need of the owner.

Online Owner/Director Portal

Community Management services include access to the online portal that provides real-time access to individual account information for each owner. The service includes access to financial/violation/work order reports and documents to the Board without having to contact Management.

Bids and Proposals

Management obtains proposals for work per onsite inspections and recommendations or the Board’s expressed direction and is only obtained from qualified professionals who can provide services.


Should there be a need for mailings to homeowners, Management assists by preparing letters, notices, newsletters and/or duplicating, folding and stuffing envelopes and mailing the correspondence.


Management assists Boards with resolving existing or potential problems and has access to professionals and specialists in related fields including attorneys and vendors to further assist in giving the best possible solution for your association.

On-Site Inspections

Regular inspections of the property are completed by Management to ensure that maintenance items are addressed with the proper contractors and enforcement of the governing documents is continued, per the Board’s expressed direction.

Rules / Violations

Management will team up with the Board for handling rules and regulations enforcement. This may include the formulation of rules and regulations and a fine policy as well as the adoption of enforcement procedures and mailing of warning letters, violation notices and/or fine notices. Management will track and monitor any violations of association rules and architectural guidelines.


Management will assist the Board in preparing and adhering to an annual operating plan that includes the goals and objectives of the Board of Directors, Management, and the Association.

24 Hour Answering Service

Should there be an after-hours emergency, Associated Professional Services provides a 24-hour answering service. A live person will answer the phone and one of our staff members will be contacted.

APS maximizes efficiency and reduces overall Community Management costs.

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