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Customizable HOA Management Services

With nearly 40 years of experience, APS provides HOAs with a management alternative they can trust.

Associated Professional Services is a premiere Homeowners Association Management company in San Diego designed to maximize efficiency, reduce overall management costs, and provide customizable, flexible management services for HOAs.

Flexible HOA Management Services

Every Homeowners Association requires management services; whether it’s accounting or bookkeeping assistance or administration help. We saw a great need for customizable, à la carte services in the industry – a company that can take care of all different forms of management for associations.

APS offers management alternatives for any size HOA in San Diego. We can work with you to design a program that meets your needs – whether it’s taking minutes at your meetings, inspecting elections, or sending out notices of violations, we can help. Once you sign up for our services, you’ll receive a full management resources team dedicated to your case; someone will always be available to answer your questions or address your concerns.
What sets APS apart is our ability to provide a completely customized management program to suit your individual needs – meaning you will only ever pay for the services you need. We offer a wide range of management services, including accounting and bookkeeping services, administrative services, resale/refinance services, and builder/developer services.

Many condominiums and complexes have on-site managers, and are simply in need of an independent management company to work with them on various items; not take over the entire operation. We can work with your onsite manager, independent association manager, or your association management company to complete your monthly tasks efficiently, effectively, and more affordably.

How It Works

We’ll begin with a consultation to figure out what your HOA needs. Together, we’ll create a customized services package that details each type of service you’ll need each month.

Contact us today to learn more and get started.

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Our Happy Clients

I recommend APS

“They are quick to respond to my needs whether it is a maintenance issue or needing a letter explaining something for my client’s refinance.”

— Marc C., Residential Property Manager

Went above and beyond

“Was amazing with helping me with multiple issues during an escrow.”

— Malika M., Realtor®

Unfailingly responsive & patient

“Great for those Associations who like to pick and choose which services are right for them. They respond quickly to questions.”

— Nancy H., HOA Board Member

APS maximizes efficiency and reduces overall HOA management costs.

To find out if our 100% customizable services are right for you, request a proposal or contact us to schedule a consultation.