What clients say about Associated Professional Services:


"Thanks for your tolerance of me today. You were a great help and it made life much easier for me. Thanks." - An email from a mortgage broker

In the last year, no management company/escrow department has been as timely and friendly as my experience this morning. A call was returned within two minutes regarding owner occupancy and delinquency questions. This is almost unheard of. Lately, in order to receive this information from other companies, one would have to jump through hoops (i.e. several calls, voicemails, and emails). I will be recommending APS to any owner/developer that I run into.


"Due to the efficiency of Associated Professional Services we are lowering our dues by $10.00 per unit." - Monroe Villas HOA Meeting Minutes


"Please extend a special thank you to your staff for their professionalism and prompt action in response to the many request of we, the board .....  Thank you for being there all these years to share your knowledge and suggestions for the benefit of all the homeowners." -  President of Camelot By The Bay


"You folks are pro's - courteous and responsive!" - President of Camelot Trails HOA


"I requested a petty cash check yesterday and I received it today!" - President of Commodore HOA


"I have always received great service.Thanks" - President of Pershing Park Villas


"...We respect and appreciate the support services that you provide the association throughout the year .... Our success here at RVCA is built around teamwork and we are pleased that we can count on you as part of the team." - President of Rancho Villas HOA


"Thanks to all of you for your dedication and hard work" - A card from a manager