The Management Alternative contract is designed for self managed association and associations that utilize  the services of an on-site manager, independent association manager,  or an association management company. Basic bookkeeping services include:

Billing of assessments
   -Receiving and applying payments to unit owners' accounts
   -Collections of delinquent assessments
   -Paying community bills
   -Prepare checks for signature for all approved expenses and allocate costs to budget
   -Financial statement preparation for the Board of Directors
   -Reconcile and balance general ledger and bank statement reports
   -Escrow and refinance processing
The Management Alternative contract will also allow your association access to our administrative services department. For more information regarding administrative support and the services we can provide, please visit the Administrative Support page here.

Self managed associations  benefit by having access to all the management resources but only pay  for services that are actually needed. This method helps the association  save money on their management costs and allows them to continue to  maintain a level of control.

On-site managed associations  often utilize the services of a full service management company as well  as pay for the services of an on-site manager. These associations can  benefit by the use of our service by eliminating an extra level of  management that is often unnecessary and costly. The management and  administrative services are handled by the on-site manager or other  staff and the accounting services are handled by Associated Professional  Services. In addition, the association can benefit by having our office  handle specific projects such as annual meeting notices or special  assessment mailouts.

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Independent Managers/Management Companies - In addition to eliminating costly accounting staff, managers or management companies will not have to rent additional space or lease office equipment or software, manage accounting staff, or worry about vacation time or sick leave of your accounting department. Managers are free to specialize in what they do best and can operate in comfort knowing that the accounting for their association is professionally handled. If you prefer, the services handled by Associated Professional Services can be provided by having a seperate accounting contract with the associations that you manage.

For more information about full service management, please visit the Community Management page here.