Associated Professional Services provides the following administrative or management services on either a contract basis or an as needed basis and billed in 15 minute time increments:

On-Site Inspections - Should the Board require an inspection of the property, Associated Professional Services will provide the inspection and will assist in advising about any encountered or potential problems.
Meetings - Associated Professional Services is available to organize, attend, or help conduct general association meetings or Board meetings or can provide minutes for these meetings.
Bids and Proposals - Associated Professional Services can refer your Board to many qualified professionals who can provide services for your association or can assist with obtaining bids and proposals as well as analyzing contracts and hire or discharge workers or vendors.
Homeowner Correspondence - Should the Board require mailings to their homeowners, Associated Professional Services can assist from providing labels to preparing letters, notices, newsletters, and/or duplicating, folding and stuffing envelopes and mailing the correspondence.
Consultation - Associated Professional Services can assist Boards with resolving existing or potential problems and has access to professionals and specialists in related fields including attorneys and vendors to further assist in giving the best possible solution for your association.
Rules / Violations - Associated Professional Services can provide a program to assist your Board in handling rules and regulations enforcement. This may include the formulation of rules and regulations and a fine policy as well as the adoption of enforcement procedures and mailing of warning letters, violation notices and/or fine notices.
24 Hour Answering Service - Associated Professional Services provides a 24-hour answering service for emergencies. A live person will answer the phone and one of our staff members will be contacted.
Full Management Services - In Nevada, through our sister company, APS, Inc, a full management program is available which includes the above listed services on a contract basis.